What to Expect

CR is one of the most loving environments you will be a part of.  Everyone here is on the same road as you are. Though our issues may differ in some ways, we are all seeking truth in the same way.  This is a safe environment where you can take your mask off and be who you are.

When you attend our CR Meeting, you will be greeted by some great people at the name tag station. (We ask all of our attendees to use their first name only so as to maintain anonymity.)

After a meal, we all come together for our Large Group worship time, which includes a variety of elements including great music, drama and video sketches, testimonies, and teaching.

After Large Group we split off into gender specific and issue specific small groups

Finally, we all get back together for a very casual coffeehouse fellowship.  It’s a great time to get to know others and to browse our Celebrate Recovery resource table.

Below is a video to break some of the myths surrounding Celebrate Recovery

Courtesy of from Emblem Media Inc.