Starting CR

Start Up Matrix  


Phase Requirements / Nice to Haves Link to items Additional Notes
Pre Start-up Pray    
  Talk with the Church Elders / Church Board    
  Identify and talk with Local State Rep Find a St Rep  
  Talk with other CR’s in the area Find a Group  
  …remember we are not competing with other CR’s we are working together for the community and ultimately God’s Kingdom, so if there is another Celebrate Recovery close, choose a different night    
  Required – Get Leaders Guide CR Leaders Guide There is Kindle version
  Nice to have – Get Participant Guides CR Participant Guides  
90Day – 1-30 Pray    
  Start making it known in the Church that CR is Coming    
  ………..…Pulpit / Word of Mouth / Bulletins    
  Read Leaders Guide – (just get familiar) CR Leaders Guide There is Kindle version
  Read Participant Guides if available CR Participant Guides  
  Look at ordering additional Leader Guides for leaders (nice to have) CR Leaders Guide There is Kindle version


 Phase  Requirements / Nice to Haves Link to items  Additional Notes
90Day – 31 – 60 Pray    
  Recruit Potential Leaders    
  Determine Meeting Night    
  Have Leaders read the material CR Leaders Guide There is Kindle version
  Plan for first small groups    
  …. Most small CR’s start with a Mens multi issue & Ladies multi issue    
  (this is where I personally differ from what is in the leaders guide) based on Exp, I would suggest meeting with leaders weekly in this phase and run through the “Life’s Healing Choices completely (around 8 weeks) that way leaders are readied Life’s Healing Choices Life’s Healing Choices Guide
90Day – 61 – 90 Pray    
  Meet weekly with leaders to go through Participant Guide 1 CR Participant Guides  
  Announce CR Kickoff date to the Church    
  Use Pulpit announcements to show Sr Pastor Support    
  Consider purchasing the ALT (Advanced Leadership Training) CR ALT  
  … The above will give you the insert sheets with the ‘fill-ins’  for all the lessons plus how to facilitate the meeting night, the 101 groups plus a lot more